Frequently asked questions

Q:  How far away is Sayulita from Puerto Vallarta?

A:  Sayulita is approximately 45-60 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta, depending on traffic, and your mode of transportation. Puerto Vallarta is located in the Jalisco province of Mexico, and Sayulita is located in the Riveria Nayarit province, directly North of Jalisco, on the west coast.

Q:  What is the easiest way to reach Sayulita from the airport in Puerto Vallarta?

A:  Most travellers prefer to take a taxi cab or car service directly from the airport to Sayulita. Prices vary, but expect around $50-$80 USD one-way trip. There are rental car companies located within the airport, and we suggest researching the best options before your arrive in Mexico. There is a public bus that runs daily from 8am-9pm, from PV airport to Sayulita, and costs roughly $40 pesos. Speaking basic Spanish helps to find your way to the bus stop, located across the highway from the Puerto Vallarta Airport exit. A pedestrian overpass connects both sides of the highway, and the bus labeled “Sayulita” heading North will bring you to Sayulita safely, though not as quickly as a taxi would.

Q:  How do I reach San Pancho and Punta de Mita surf breaks from Sayulita?

A:  The best way to reach surf breaks in different towns is to purchase a surf package with Lunazul. Within our surf and SUP camps / packages, we take you in our company cars to the surf breaks. This is the safest, and most reliable way to reach other breaks. If you own a car, or have rented one, Lunazul is happy to provide precise directions to those wanting to explore towns and breaks outside of Sayulita. We don’t recommend hitch hiking, though this is a common practice for some surfers. The Nayarit area is relatively safe, but hitching rides is not something we encourage for our friends, and customers.

Q:  Does Lunazul offer surf camps other places besides Sayulita?

A:  When students sign up for surf camps at Lunazul, they can expect to visit at least one other surf break besides the break at Sayulita, unless you are a very beginner surfer, and the Instructor feels it’s best for you to stay at Sayulita Beach for the time being.

Q:  Where is the best place to stay while in Sayulita?

A:  We recommend our customers stay at Aurinko Bungalows, which is located one block away from the main beachfront in Sayulita. It is family owned and operated, and the closest and comfiest accommodation for visitors who plan to spend most of their days in the water, or cruising the town plaza. Includes: Purified tap water, Wireless internet
and Daily maid service Rates:
One bedroom bungalows: $81 USD. / Night
 Two bedroom bungalows: $127 USD. / Night
 Penthouse bungalows: $106 USD. / Night From June 1 to October 31 all rooms are 20% off. 
Christmas and New Years rates are also available - please Contact us. All bungalows have bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. If you, or friends plan to stay outside of Sayulita, we also have accommodation located in Bucerias called Unelma Bungalows. Ask Lunazul or Aurinko staff for more information.

Q:  What should I bring if I plan to take lessons with Lunazul?

A:  The most important things to bring to lessons with Lunazul are a positive attitude and a smile! Also include a bathing suit, or two, sunscreen, and some athletic and swimming abilities. If you are not the strongest swimmer, we can provide a life vest.

Q:  How can I pre-pay for my lessons and accommodations before I arrive in Sayulita?

A:  On our website, you will find a link to our email address in the ABOUT section: Here you can contact us to reserve lessons, equipment and SUP or surf camps. We will send you a money order through PayPal, which you can complete on your own. When the Payment is received, Lunazul will book your requests immediately, and you’re all set! Surf’s Up!

Q:  How much do lessons and camps cost at Lunazul Surf School?

A:  Detailed price lists for all of our camps and lessons are located on our website under the SURF CAMPS and LESSONS sections. Prices for board rentals are located in the RENTALS section. Surf Lessons: $55 USD / person Min. 2 persons Board Rentals: Prices in Mexican pesos Boogie : $50-$600 pesos Surfboard: $50-$1500 pesos Paddleboard: $100-$3000 pesos

Q:  Is Sayulita Beach child-friendly?

A:  Sayulita Beach is very child friendly. We strongly advise constant child supervision, both in and out of the water, but children play in the waves on a daily basis, all year round. When the waves are bigger, we recommend both children and adults stay out of the water for swimming, due to strong currents and rip tides. Lifeguards are always on duty at Sayulita Beach, and will let visitors know when it is not a good time to go in the water.

Q:  Is Sayulita Beach a swimming beach, or a surfing beach?

A:  Sayulita Beach has the luxury of being both a swimming, and a surfing beach. This is quite exciting for tourists who want to enjoy a leisurely swim, followed by a surf or SUP lesson, and then watch the local surfers put on a show at the Point Break at sunset. You get to have your cake, and eat it too at Sayulita Beach! We also recommend asking staff at Lunazul for access to surf and tide charts, if you are concerned about how safe it is to swim and surf during different times of the year.

Q:  Are there sharks at Sayulita Beach?

A:  There are no sharks at Sayulita Beach, and there has never been a shark attack. There are, however, stingrays, and we recommend that all visitors using Sayulita Beach learn about the “Sayulita Shuffle”. Basically, this means that when you enter the water, instead of walking normally, you shuffle your feet close to the ground. This is practiced to prevent stepping directly on top of a stingray, scarring it, and potentially being stung. If a guest is stung by a stingray, or acquires a sea urchin stuck in some part of their foot, Lunazul is well equipped to deal with both situations.

Q:  How many lessons should I take if I’m a beginner SUP-er or surfer?

A:  We recommend our students take 1-2 SUP lessons before venturing out on their own, and 1-7 surf lessons. Learning to Stand Up Paddle is generally easier to learn, and requires less instruction, unless a student is hoping to learn paddle surfing or SUP Yoga, which are both taught at Lunazul as well. Surfing can be picked up easily, depending on your athletic ability, though the first lesson can be a lot of new information to grasp. If you have time and resources to take more than one lesson, we definitely recommend it! Surfing is like anything else; Practice makes Perfect! (or pretty darn close to it!)

Q:  Can I take a surf or SUP lesson if I am not a strong swimmer?

A:  Yes, of course! Most people feel more comfortable being in the water when they know how to swim. We do recommend it, but Lunazul has life vests, and Instructors who are strong swimmers, that those less confident in their swimming ability can definitely use, and depend on.

Q:  What does Lunazul suggest to improve my strength and endurance in the months before I start surfing?

A:  The three things that will help most with learning how to surf is strength, flexibility and endurance. Any form of Yoga, or consistent stretching, will keep your body open, strong and flexible. Running, cycling and swimming raises your heart rate the same way surfing will, so those are also great endurance building practices. Strength training exercises are perfect, including regular gym workouts. Lifting weights is helpful, just make sure your trainer knows you will be surfing soon in Sayulita, Mexico so you don’t get too bulky and can’t paddle for waves!

Q:  Can Lunazul teach surfing to a person physically disabled, who is not able to use certain body parts to surf?

A:  Absolutely. Lunazul’s entire mission is to make surfing fun and accessible to as many people as we can. If a person operates their life from a wheelchair, is missing a limb, or has any other kind of disability, we do not discriminate. We will do what it takes to get you surfing! We recommend that when you book your lessons at Lunazul, let the staff know your disability, so we can prepare ahead of time, and make your lessons and time with us as rockin’ as it can possibly be!

Q:  I’ve had a physical injury recently, can I still learn to surf?

A:  Yes. Ultimately, you know yourself, and your body’s abilities more than anyone else. If you feel confident that taking a lesson at Lunazul will not re-injure you, we’d be happy to help you learn to surf! If you are seeing a physiotherapist, or any other specialist, who is helping you rehabilitate your current injury, we suggest that you consult them regarding your desire to learn to surf, and include their advice in your decision.

Q:  I’m 72 years old, can I still learn to surf?

A:  Yes, please! Here at Lunazul, we’d say 72 years young! If the desire to surf is present, why heed the call?! We’ve taught all ages of people to surf, from young children to retirees embarking on a new work-free, play-time lifestyle! If you have certain concerns, we recommend you shoot us an email with any questions / concerns you have, and we’ll set the learning to surf ball rolling!

Q:  My 5 year old wants to surf; can Lunazul teach him?

A:  Yes! Teaching kids to surf is one of our favorite pastimes. Lunazul has produced more than a few “little rippers” who grow into super-hyped “groms”, and advance into full on big wave riders! So please, bring us your children and we’ll mold them into water-wise warriors right before your eyes.