Our goal at Lunazul is to always provide a fun and safe environment to teach our students to surf.

Lunazul Surf School was established in 2004 and has since taken pride in teaching thousands of people to surf! We have a tight crew of instructors who, not only are excellent surfers, but amazing instructors. We assess your individual abilities and challenge you just enough to improve your current level, while still making it super fun.


why choose us?


Great Staff

We have amazing staff and some have been with us for more than a decade! We take care of our own. Check out our TripAdvisor reviews and see for yourself!

  • Focus on quality over quantity. We don't compromise safety or fun, with no more than a 4:1 student to instructor ratio.

  • Trilingual instruction! We offer surf lessons in Spanish, English, and Finnish.

  • Learn from the best! Our head instructor Papas is the Mexican National Champion for SUP.


in depth theory

To make sure you have the best experience, we explain what you must know and ensure you feel comfortable with your equipment before we even get out into the water.

  • Best location, period. Boasting the best beachfront location in Sayulita, we are right on the main beach next to Don Pedros. The only surf school with bathrooms, lockers, changing rooms, a retail space and much more!

  • Best and most accessible boards, with lots of variety! We promise you’ll find one you love.

our staff



Head Instructor

Say hello to our favorite potato! Papas is the head instructor at Lunazul, and an inspiration to many who visit Sayulita Beach. He’s worked for Lunazul for over 10 years, and teaches surfing and SUP (Stand Up Paddle) lessons. Papas says the best thing about his job is seeing his students learn and evolve, becoming more confident surfers right before his eyes. Did we mention he is the National Champion in SUP surfing?

Besides being a fearless waterman, and rad human being, Papas has a heart as big as a whale. You will soon see why everyone, from young children to surfing mamacitas fall in love with Papas. He's a keeper!



Instructor | Shop Manager

Chito, aka "Negro Sanchez", is the realest dude you'll meet on Sayulita Beach. A father of two young girls, devoted husband, and surfer, Chito is the guy you can always count on, no matter what the situation. From helping customers get the cheapest price for a cab or boat tour, to ensuring they'll stay out of trouble in the water, Chito to the rescue! 

Born and raised in Bucerias, Chito's been at Lunazul for 5 years. His presence both calms and grounds the other staff members at Lunazul, and his "chill" attitude is valued greatly by all those who interact with him on the beach.



Instructor | Beach Captain

Meet Memo. Also known as “Osito Panda” (Panda Bear, or Panda Karhu). Memo is our Beach Captain, with the very important position of overseeing all Lunazul happenings on the beach. From help with beach chairs, assistance reading the day's surf conditions, to picking you the perfect board, Memo is the go-to-guy.

Originally from Guerrero, Memo has been at Lunazul for 7 years. From teaching lessons to fixing boards you won’t see Memo without a smile on his face. In addition to being able to teach you how to surf, Memo can also teach you a surprising amount of Finnish.




Born in Tijuana, raised in Riviera Nayarit, Carlos has been teaching at Lunazul for almost 4 years. He is known for his patience in the water, making his students request him again and again for their surf lessons! Carlos enjoys both long and shortboarding, and his favorite part about teaching is getting to meet people from all around the world and introduce them to surfing. When he isn’t in the water, you’ll find him playing tug of war with his favorite beach dog Toby.




Hailing from nearby Bucerías, Eduardo is the friendly, lovable type with a wicked sense of humor! Eduardo grew up boogie boarding but swapped over to surfing and now has been teaching with Lunazul for almost 4 years. Eduardo's favorite part about work is the awesome crew of guys at Lunazul, and the fact that they get to share their stoke of surfing with others! As a teacher, Eduardo is patient and attentive, making lessons with him a wonderful learning experience. He will ensure you feel comfortable in and out of the water, while cracking a few good dad jokes on the way.




Petteri and his golden curls come all the way from Finland. He spent a few years traveling around Central America and the Caribbean hunting for waves, before settling down in Sayulita three years ago. While Petteri speaks Finnish, English, and Spanish, his favorite is getting to introduce fellow Finns to the surf stoke. Petteri likes both long and short boarding, and in his free time you’ll find him hitting up all the best taco spots in town.



Surfboard Wizard

Meet Ramiro! Born and raised in Bucerías, Nayarit, he joined the Lunazul team about a year ago and traded his cowboy boots for a surfboard. Come down to the beach and he’ll be ready to help you pick out the best board. Added bonus he can also show you some sick tricks with a football!




Half Finnish and half Mexican, Kalle was born and raised nearby in Bucerias. Having lived as a professional surfer for a decade plus, Kalle now spends his days searching for uncrowded waves and commentating for the webcast on surf events for the ISA and WSL. Not only is he a great surfer, he is also fluent in Spanish, English, and Finnish.

His absolute love for surfing is contagious, and not only does Kalle enjoy sharing it with others, he is always learning more himself (recently he has been spotted practicing foil surfing nonstop).