Surf boards for rent!

Long, short, epoxy, foam, fish, stand-up paddle, and boogie boards. We have it all! Not sure what to ride? Come and talk to one of our instructors and get the advice you need. Also, when you rent a board, you can swap it out whenever you want.

Board rental rates

Green sticker surf boards *

100 pesos/hour
300 pesos/day
400 pesos/24 hrs
2000 pesos/week

Pink sticker surf boards *

200 pesos/hour
500 pesos/day
600 pesos/24hrs
3200 pesos/week


100 pesos/hour
250 pesos/day
300 pesos/24hrs
1500 pesos/week


200 pesos/hour
500 pesos/day

*Our surfboard prices are split between green and pink sticker surfboards.

Green sticker boards are our basic model of surfboards. They include beginner soft top boards, as well as a good variety of epoxy longboards, funboards, and shortboards. Our pink sticker surfboards are higher quality, newer models.